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    being something

    17th Aug - 5th Sep 2023

    Contemporary by Angela Li

    The unsettling feeling caused by the unknown and continuous changes in the society are permeated through the works of art by the fresh graduates of class 2023. Living in the age of perplexity, they have spent most of the time in studying under special measures of the pandemic, with online classes becoming the new norm and significantly reduced studio practice. Viewers may begin to understand the different levels of uncertainty and confusion the young artists are facing through their works.

    Contemporary By Angela Li is proud to present group exhibition curated by Leung Shiu Kee Eric "being something" from 17 August to 5 September 2023, featuring eight young artists who explore various states of existence through their distinctive visual languages, expressing their view towards happenings around themselves. Exhibiting artists include Chan Hing Kit Sandy, Chi Tin Sui Aubrey, Choi Nga Sze Angie, Lee Kam Ching Lewis, Ling Wai Shan Heidi, Wong Hoi Ching Hebe, Yeung Tsin Tsin, and Yung Chung Kong Sam.

    being something

    Group Exhibition  

    Chan Hing Kit, Sandy received her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2023, focusing on painting. Chan's personal experiences and connections toward the environment inspires her works. During the painting process, she reorganizes fragmented memories with fanciful compositions, enabling her to link the ambiguous yet naked inner state. Through the shared memory of emotions depicted in Chan’s paintings, viewers could understand Chan’s view on the bond between city and nature.

    Chi Tin Sui, Aubrey (b. 2001, Hong Kong) works often attempt a sense of disorientation in unfamiliar places, juxtaposing symbols and objects in visual content. They present the ambiguous links between primitive human nature, life, and consciousness. Her works encourage viewers to choose a different perspective to observe the environment they are in, thereby reflecting on the most hidden parts of their inner selves.

    Choi Nga Sze, Angie (b.2001, Hong Kong), received a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. She spent a semester studying at Chung-Ang University for an exchange programme in South Korea. Choi is currently focusing on ceramics creation. Printmaking, painting, and photography are also part of her artistic practice.  She is enthusiastic to break through the boundaries and traditions within different media.

    Lee Kam Ching, Lewis (b.1998) recently graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majored in fine arts. Growing up, Lee often travelled and resided between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Lee uses landscape paintings to express his personal experiences, ranging from family to his ancestry. Through his works, he reveals the unconscious distress left behind by previous generations. Lee continues the exploration of identity and constructs his own worldview in a playful and slightly surreal manner.

    His past works have encompassed painting, photography, installation, and artificial landscapes. Lee is the winner of Grotto Fine Art Award 2023.

    Ling Wai Shan, Heidi graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Visual Arts, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2023. She focuses on contemporary social issues, exploring complex relationships between humans, nature, culture, and interactions between individuals and the city. Ling often uses metaphorical landscapes and objects to express her thoughts on contemporary social and political issues. Her works are rich in poetic and subtle expressions that convey her unique insights. Through transforming symbols and combining objects, Ling’s artworks create great room for imagination and interpretation for their viewers.

    Wong Hoi Ching, Hebe (b. 1997), graduated from The Hong Kong Art School with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) degree in 2022. Having majored in painting, Wong practices broadly across traditional mediums to conceptual approaches. She is passionate about studying systems and formats. Her creations surround the use of artificial objects. Through unwinding structures of the objects, she uncovers the embedded thoughts of producers and users. This indirectly depicts human behaviour through a conscious perception. Her inspirations are taken from mundane daily life, usually from moments of reveries. She wishes to evoke reflections upon the hidden patterns in daily events through her creations.

    Yeung Tsin Tsin (b.2000, Hong Kong) graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts in 2023 and received the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) Award for being one of the top 3 outstanding students. She was awarded 2nd place in the 20th International Illustration Contest: Fantasy Job (2019, Clip Studio Paint) and received the 3rd Outstanding Student Artist Award of Hong Kong (OSA Award) held by art-at-all in 2019. She participated in the Student Artist Group Exhibition as her first artwork showcase and participated in other art programmes such as “Fine Art Asia” (2020, Art & Antique International Fair Ltd) and “Sorry, I Want to Leave the Archipelago” (2023, Star Fragments) at Cattle Depot Artist Village. She created illustrations and picture books under the pseudonym FourTin Yeung. The illuminated installation shown in this exhibition is a 3-dimensional extension of her illustrations.

    Yung Chung Kong, Sam (b. 2000, Hong Kong) graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) from RMIT University (co-presented with Hong Kong Art School), major in painting.



    The Light











    Full house i

    Full house ii




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    Pea Shaped Triple Wall Hung Lavotory

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