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    Enduring Spirit of Vietnam

    Peter Steinhauer

    I often wonder why I photograph Vietnam and what my fascination is with this country. Did it start when I first came here in 1993 when I began work on my first book, or did it begin when my father returned to the U.S. from serving here in 1966-1967 when I first began to hear the word "Vietnam"? Whatever it is, it has kept me returning here to live, work and photograph. This book represents four different bodies of work: The Mekong Delta; Canals of Saigon; Ethnic Minorities of Vietnam and Hanoi - Streets, Roofs and Houses. I began to compile these bodies of work starting in 1996 while working on my first book, Vietnam: Portraits and Landscapes. They are four very different projects, but all are representative of Vietnam. I felt these were all projects that had something to say, whether it be soft or loud.

    HKD 390