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    A Schema for Printmaking

    For this exhibition, we have the pleasure of inviting Xu Bing, Fang Lijun, Tan Ping, Su Xinping, Li Fan, Wang Yiqiong, Yang Hongwei, Hong Hao and Chen Xiongwei. They all began their journeys in printmaking, using various methods such as woodcutting, engraving, lithography or silkscreen printing, and each has made remarkable achievements in their printmaking practices, enriching the world of print art with their many works. In addition, they have all touched on a wide range of other fields such as conceptual art, oil painting, photography, installation, oil printing and other new media. As they use these other mediums, printmaking has provided sustenance, and as these various fields draw nourishment from and influence each other, these artists have created new possibilities for art. This is perhaps the reason that print art is still so full of life today.

    HKD 800