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    Contemporary by Angela Li gallery is proud to present “Fabrication – Shi Jindian Solo Exhibition”.  On show will be more than 10 works of sculptures, paintings and installations.

    Shi  Jindian’s  works  are  based  on  destruction and reconstruction of  real  objects.  His  works,  such  as  "Beijing  Jeep  BJ-212",  are  based  on  industrial  products with  particular  significance  in  social,  political  and  cultural life, as well as symbols of the times. The transformation of this kind of strong symbolic objects from materiality to unfamiliarity eventually generates an unexpected sense of fascination. This time-consuming and calm,  meditation-like  creative  process  and  the  manpower involved  are  the  artist’s  total  objection  to  the  industrial products destructed. To him, all the initiatives might merely be ignited by the desire to a change in traditional artistic language  of  sculptures,  but  in  terms  of  the  cultural  aspect,  it  is  an  effective  means  to  execute the analysis of cultural symbols.