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    Wang Yiqiong’s ‘A Curse: Oil Painting x Lithograph’ exhibition is a multi-layered expression and exploration of colour, technique and visual language. He plays with symbolism through his use of eagles, women, flowers and kung fu as metaphoric imagery conveying excitement and unrestrained desire through his canvases and prints. Most importantly, however, here is an artist who dares not be confined by traditional painting convention, opting instead for the creation of a unique oil-painting-printmaking hybrid technique, which fuses the solid edges of printmaking and the fluidity of painting, resulting in a complex visual language. 

    The curator of this exhibition, Li Xianting, is a legendary figure in the contemporary Chinese art circle. A renowned curator and critic, Li is also nicknamed the “Godfather of Chinese contemporary avant-garde art”. He recognised and encouraged emerging talent, promoted new trends, and organized ground-breaking exhibitions such as “Stars Exhibition” (1979), “China/Avant-Garde” (1989), ‘Mao Goes Pop’ (1993) and the China pavilion at the 45th Venice Biennale (1993). He is currently the director of Songzhuang Art Center in Beijing, China where he curates stimulating exhibitions, organises conferences and promotes professional art criticism, as well as running a fund for independent filmmaking and research.