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    Contemporary by Angela Li is proud to present “The Great Three Gorges”, a solo exhibition of latest works by internationally acclaimed Chinese photographer Chen Jiagang.

    Chen,  an  artist  as  complex  as  his  works,  is  a  former  architect  and  businessman.  In this much anticipated  show,  following  on  from  his  retrospective  at  the  Hong  Kong  International  Art  Fair  earlier  this  year,  he  brings  us  an  exciting  new  collection  of  works.  Debuting  some  dramatic  new  techniques and portraying powerful panoramic effects, combined with his discerning eye for detail, Chen offers us his new “The Great Three Gorges” series. 

    The Three Gorges Dam is not only a monumental engineering achievement; it has brought us some undeniable world records. It is in fact the biggest dam, power plant and largest consumer of dirt, stone, concrete and steel. On top of that, this project is responsible for the displacement of in excess of  1.1 million  people,  suggested  as  one  of  the  largest  human  resettlements  of  modern times.

    Along  with  its  spawning  environmental  problems  like  water  pollution  and  landslides,  this  rising  controversy  makes  it  easy  to  over  look  that  it  is,  in  fact,  the  world’s  biggest  manmade  producer  of  electricity  from  renewable  energy.  Hydropower  is  the  centerpiece  of  one  of  China’s  most praised green initiatives along with a plan to rapidly expand renewable energy by 2020. In his latest series of works, Chen tries to capture some of these landscapes, unearthed by the relocation, some of which are desolate and others that are now highly urban as a result.

    City of Fuling

    Chen Jiagang

    Smog of Fuling

    Chen Jiagang

    Fence of Fuling

    Chen Jiagang