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    Contemporary by Angela Li is proud to present “Once Upon a Time…”, a photography and video exhibition of works by six Chinese Contemporary artists. These lens-based artists explore the notion of “truth” in our daily encounters by way of using different style of photography and video.

    Extracts from curator Fang Lei:

    Perhaps the title of this exhibition might hint at being “nosy”. In describing his perceptions of creativity, artist Liu Zheng said, “I have come to feel that reality is the greatest impediment to my creations, and breaking out of reality is now my strongest impulse.” Likewise, “breaking out of reality” is also my greatest impulse in devising this exhibition.

    We are all audiences in this era, and for audiences like ourselves, our everyday experiences are truths, but truths are not interesting. They are either dreary, sapping or saddening. Being nosy has become a method for relieving the pressures of reality, so that reality can become joyful, light and even hopeful. In that case, let’s tell some stories. Everyone likes to hear stories, and there is nothing wrong with being a bit “nosy”.

    These stories, narrated through the medium of photography, after makeup, deduction and technological alteration, seem to no longer bear resemblance to the original events, and have discarded with the “evidentiary” aspect of photography. They are not real, so please do not treat

    them as such. But if you see something within them, then you have taken part in this “nosy” trip.