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    Contemporary  by  Angela  Li  presents  exhibition Dreamscape,  featuring  paintings, drawings and installation works by four artists from Hong Kong and China, who through their art seek different means to escape from reality.

    Reni  Haymond  uses  ball  pen  as  her  medium  to  create  unique  and  contrasting  compositions  by  embedding different frequencies into the lines that she draws. Although ballpens have many limitations as a medium, such as the small colour range and rigid lines,  and in particular the inflexibility and inability to allow  for corrections. The  artist,  however,  manages  to  master  her  use  of  this  difficult  medium to  provide  a  new  imaginative perspective. In doing so, the artist attempts to inject new possibilities to the ball pen and defy its obsolescence in this technological age.

    Livy  Leung  uses  scattered  and  unobtrusive  elements  and the  stress  she  experiences  in  her  daily  life as the subjects  in  her  paintings  to  construct  a  world  between  fantasy  and  reality.  She  recomposes  her  thoughts towards different incidents happening around her and amplifies her imaginary world as a form of expression and self-indulgence within her own creative process.

    Shi Shao’s paintings are made up of single or multiple threads of colourfullines, with some of them round and some pointed, intertwining in different densities. She plays with the images to emphasisetheir lightness as well as injecting energy into the threads. With the process of adding and removing the threads, the resulting images of the actual lines versus their silhouettes and the repetitiveness of such process draws upon certain lifestyles in the contemporary world.

    In her  installations, Angela  Yuen  constructs miniature  skylines assembled  from  small  locally  manufactured objects which she collects. These old plastic toys and stationery represent a significant era of the golden heyday of Hong Kong’s manufacturing industries in the 1950s and 60s.  The  artist  sources  these  ready-made  objects, such as hair rollers, yellow rubber ducks, and plastic stationery, from local family-owned stores to build a Hong Kong  cityscape  and  projects  light  through  the  rotating  artwork. Each  object  is  a  symbolic  representation  of  an era,  a miniature of  our  urban  landscape,  and  a  historical  record  of the  devotion  and  perseverance  of  a  certain generation in Hong Kong.