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    [Hong Kong, March 2024] Contemporary by Angela Li will be participating in the Art Central art fair from March 27th to 31st. The gallery exhibition area (Booth #A01) will showcase artists including Cheung Tsz Hin, Hui Wan Yu Cami, Fatina Kong, Kwong Man Chun, Leung Po Ying Agnes, Lv Shanchuan, Ng Chung, Wong Mei Yin Hazel, Wong Sze Wai, Wu Didi and Angela Yuen. We will also present a solo project by local young artist Chan King Long titled "Beneath illuminating shades" (Booth #A02). " Beneath illuminating shades" will unveil Chan's latest oil paintings with the artist present.

    In his solo project “Beneath illuminating shades”, Chan King Long Ken attempts to capture the inspiring moments that ignite his creative journey. With a harmonious blend of sense and sensibility, he delves into the dynamic interplay between objects and people, skillfully captures and evokes a range of emotions. By employing contrasting light and shadow, his artworks breathe life into the canvas, conveying a profound sense of movement and the intricate interconnectedness of existence..
    Inspired by the hidden nooks of the city, Chan paints with well crafted brushstrokes and textured layers, showing his distinctive artistic flair through his unique perspective of the city. Within these quiet corners, Chan finds strength in weakness. He finds it admirable to witness the resilience of old fences, rusty objects, and hardy plants that continue to grow despite facing numerous challenges. Viewers will be able to witness the contrast of borders represented by barbed wire and entwined vines, where stillness and movement coexist. Capturing plants that grow together and old bikes that are no longer being used, Chan's art transports you into the vast wilderness despite the differences in dimensions.

     Chan masterfully crafts tangible and vivid scenes by layering oil paints, bringing his artistic vision to life with remarkable depth and richness. He captures fleeting memories as time passes, revealing the hidden emotions connected with objects. The cool colour tones are infused with the enduring warmth of the reds. The light dances and sparkles with brilliance within the shadows. Chan's paintings exude a remarkable sense of three-dimensionality. They transcend mere visual interplay of hues, luminosity, and shading, as the weight of the oil paint itself sculpts the canvas, creating a tangible representation of depth and distance in space. 


    Chan King Long, Ken received an Associate of Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2018, and a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree from the joint programme by RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School in 2021. Chan’s works respond to themes such as history, social phenomena, living status, global miseries, and personal experiences. Chan exposes and brings forth the different approaches to perceiving these topics and their various states of existence. In his words: “The paintings portray the subconscious, but simultaneously they are just as realistic.”

    Chan has participated in multiple group exhibitions in Hong Kong and Guangdong. His works have been shown in institutes such as Hong Kong Arts Centre, 1a Space, JCCAC and Zhongshan Museum of Art. Selected exhibitions include: “Confluences of Voices”, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2023; “Young Man Rhapsody”, Hong Kong, 2023; “Bon Voyage”, 1a Space, Hong Kong, 2023 “Colours Come with Thoughts”, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2022; “Anything Anywhere”, Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong, 2022; and “Again. See”, Zhongshan Museum of Art China, 2018. He was the recipient of the Dean’s List Award (2021), Boon Lee Award (2021/22) and 1a Space Award (2021/22).