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    Contemporary by Angela Li presents
    Cheung Tsz Hin Solo Exhibition: moments in layered motions 

    [Hong Kong, March 2024] Contemporary by Angela Li is proud to present solo exhibition of Cheung Tsz Hin, "moments in layered motion", featuring his recent works created in the last year. Cheung's paintings breathe life into a range of subjects drawn from everyday exitence, such as plants, children, and pillows. Each subject is meticulously crafted, reflecting the artist's accumulated sensations and thoughts. According to Cheung, his artwork focuses the energy towards diverse emotions from the inner states of mind. The exhibition reception will be held from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, 14 March 2024, with the artist present. The exhibition will remain on view until 20 April 2024.


    Cheung Tsz Hin's instinctive and sensory-driven approach to colour captures floating light and plundering shadows. He adeptly captures the evanescent beauty of everyday moments that often arise and vanish quickly. The interplay of colours and lines is iconic in Cheung's style, and the portrayal of light and shadow reflects his personal touch. These elements display his unique perceptions and experiences. Cheung's use of colors and his skillful capture of sunlight demonstrates his sensitivity to the ephemeral beauty of nature. Guided by nimble strokes, these elements flow with fluidity, appearing as spirited lines and mellowing colours—like fleeting snapshots of moments from the artist's life.


    The concept of memories goes beyond the traditional understanding, and the depth of it depends on the freshness of each recollection. As seen in Cheung's paintings, the underlying colours somtimes showthrough from the overlapping strokes, expresses how he notices certain memories can linger in different level of our consciousness over time. The canvases through Cheung's depiction intertwine memories and perceptions, creating a lasting testament to life experiences. These accumulative layers profoundly capture the essence of the artist, attesting to the richness of his enthusiasm.

    luminous deluge

    Cheung Tsz Hin

    edge of consciousness

    Cheung Tsz Hin

    corner of everyday

    Cheung Tsz Hin

    piles of lost dream

    Cheung Tsz Hin