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    Contemporary by Angela Li presents
    Fatina Kong Solo ExhibitionFlourishing city spectacles 

    [Hong Kong, February 2024] Contemporary by Angela Li proudly presents solo exhibition of Fatina Kong titled "Flourishing city spectacles", featuring her latest series of paintings. The exhibition reception will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, 1 February, 2024, with the artist present. The exhibition will run until 2 March, 2024. 

    In this exhibition, Fatina Kong's artworks undergo a transition from cityscapes and landscapes to capturing the intricate veins found in nature. Viewers can easily recognise the interplay between reality and abstract elements within her paintings. Kong's innovative narrative approach arises from flower stems, leaf veins, and stone traces, which possess natural qualities reminiscent of the cyclic rotation processes in nature. While humans are not involved in these natural occurrences, we may observe the distinct marks they leave. 

    Kong's brushstrokes delicately intertwine, like silk threads, and her paintings have overlapping layers that create a sense of depth and dimension. The artist meticulously layers her works, resulting in paintings that evoke the way reflections appear on the surfaces of water or a mirror. Additionally, the circular shapes of her artworks symbolise the cyclical nature of time.  

    Kong believes that nature's evolution is beyond human influence. Time, despite being an abstract concept, embodies profound beliefs that surpass our conventional understanding of reality. The abundance of flowers and trees symbolises different stages in time. While it is impossible for us to physically travel back in time and witness the emergence of a seedling, Kong’s works possess the remarkable ability of capturing the lingering imprints left by the changing seasons.