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    Contemporary by Angela Li is pleased to present Feb 2023 Group Show, showcasing a range of works by 6 artists – Kwong Man Chun, Wu Didi, Martin Wehmer, Leung Po Ying, Aaron Tse and Wong Sze Wai. This exhibition hosts a plethora of works that have undergone the workings of various media, creative processes and techniques, presenting different understandings and portrayals of the creative process of each artist. Feb 2023 Group Show is on view from February 22 - March 6, 2023. 

    Kwong Man Chun specialises in portraying an anachronistic modern memory with unbounded imagination, by using a mix of Chinese traditional mineral pigment, ink and oil paint. Deeply influenced by Chinese South School painting, he creates a poetic and dreamy artwork with a touch of nostalgic stroke. 

    Wu Didi draws the subject matter of her paintings from the simplest elements of nature, such as vines, bamboo, stones, insects and weed. She gives each of her subjects a new life and unique identity. The paintings serve as the artist’s poetic study to examine spirituality in humanity as well as her own meditative process during the long creative process.

    Martin Wehmer’s thick oil paintings bear an abstract style while conveying simple and clearly represented subject matters. Wehmer has a profound understanding of painting as a genre, and fully embraces its restrictive properties. The artist sees his canvas as “a box that offers a whole array of different opportunities and possibilities”. His images are visualizations of the discourses among diverse ways of representations from our history and cultures, as well as the interactions he has with them.

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes' creative process primarily revolves around painting and collages on wooden board. Her artistic practice is an attempt to study the peculiar creatures she sees in daily life and those birthed from her imagination.

    Tse Man Hei, Aaron’s paintings convey a strange sense of tension by illustrating figures who have contorted into peculiar poses. The figures within the painting are seen as static and tame, but a push pull relationship has been carefully sheathed in between them. Not only does this sculpt a composition that becomes difficult to comprehend, it also reflects what Tse feels towards the current state of society. 

    Wong Sze Wai is inspired by ancient mural art and Western painting masters, Wong uses mineral pigments, clay and other materials, adding onto the canvases layer by layer. The textures spawned from the dried clay magnify the paintings’ relationships to space and time, and lead the viewers to a further dimension.


    Martin Wehmer

    HKD 104,000

    Not Quite Empty No.11

    Wu Didi

    HKD 250,000

    Go game

    Kwong Man Chun

    HKD 42,000

    Ground Zero

    Tse Man Hei, Aaron

    HKD 38,000

    Tippy Toes

    Tse Man Hei, Aaron

    HKD 38,000

    South Gate

    Wong Sze Wai

    HKD 38,000

    On Roselle Tea

    Kwong Man Chun

    HKD 13,500

    No Cat Resists Fish

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes

    Like Owner Like Home

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes