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    Have you ever pretended that you are absolutely not embarrassed and don’t feel awkward at all in the changing room of a public place like a gym or swimming pool? I mean, of course I haven’t as well, just asking for a friend of mine — you don’t know them btw. Blurring the lines of private and public, of being alone and on display, this installation and performance invites the viewers to think also about forlorn changing rooms, that were empty for so long during a time of a pandemic. If you’ve missed The Lonesome Changing Room 1 at Art Central (or if you were just on the run during that time) here is a chance to see it without the hassle and crowds. Dress code for visiting is swimwear. Okay, I made that up, but imagine how pleasantly surprised gallery folks would be with this level of art response! (If you go in flippers—send me pictures).