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    Contemporary by Angela Li is proud to present  Unsettling Stillness, special project of two Chinese artists, LvShanchuan and Wu Didi, for Hong Kong Spotlight by  Art Basel. Both artists  completed postgraduate studies at the Beijing  Central Academy of Fine Arts, yet there is a polarizing of difference between both their  techniques  and subject matters that evolve into unique artistic languages. Under the  
    epidemic and recent social unrests around the world, mankind has entered a new phase of life never imagined before. As a response, this  presentation  investigates and explores outwardly, starting  with  the  external world of chaos and upheavals, and then inwardly, looking into our hearts and souls where peace and struggles meet.   


    LvShanchuan is an inspector of the outside world. In recent years, there have been increasingly  frequent and intense demonstrations, from the local movement to worldwide protests, as well as significant sociopolitical events that seriously affect our daily lives. Lvs paintings use  these  events involving political, military, economic,  social and cultural affairs that affect China and the world as his subject matters. Looking into the connections between a variety of social incidents, he investigates the political and social ideologies that shapes different relationships within todays society. Painting with vibrant colours and  fast  brush work, and often even  throwing paint  directly onto  the canvases with his hands,  the  works  attest to the artists masterly techniques. Lvs energy, passion and emotions  towards such incidents and ideologies are obvious in his works and are contagious to the viewers.  


    Wu Didis  works  are  reflections of  oneinner soul.  The  pandemic  outbreak  and global political situations are  challenging us with great uncertainties  every day,  and  Wus paintings  attempt to  comfort  and calm  the  anxieties in  our  minds as well as  provide  spaces  for self-reflection  and meditation. With extra fine brushstrokes, Wu  describes the spirituality and immortality of naturessimplest  elements,  giving  them back  their