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    Contemporary by Angela Li presents Parallel Fantasies joint exhibition, featuring six young artists Fung Kuen Suet Michelle, Fatina Kong, Livy Leung, Liang Manqi, Elías Peña Salvador and Angela Yuen. Taking part in the 3rd edition of Central West HK, this joint exhibition opens on 28th January, 2021 from 2pm to 8pm in our newly renovated space and remains on view through to 27 February, 2021.  

    Fung Kuen Suet Michelle’s new series of works creates a remarkable narrative of an ecotopian world in 2084 called “Polluta” –a floating city in the sky colonised by only artists. Using cartoonised animal images, such as zebra, chicken and deer, the artist is giving a voice to her characters in telling their stories that echo with the landscape of the art world in the 21st century. Her paintings gather together playfulness, sarcasm and contradictions, acting as her own response to the current environment. The humorous characters in her works tell a story that provides the viewer with routes of escape from the reality. 

    Fatina Kong’s works incorporate the idea of lives and events in endless cycles. She has been exploring the relationship between nature and human society and has built a unique perspective on the cycle of life. She wrote, “things are always changing and goes around in circles. Her works therefore usually come in round forms, implying the cycle of birth and death. The buildings, crystals, stones and plants in her artwork are also presented in a way to express their interdependent relationship. Her latest work “Somewhere, Sometimes” is inspired by the Chinese poem “Flowers No Flower” by the renowned Tang dynasty poet Bai Juyi, expressing the illusion and perishability of creature:  

    “Like the flower that fades and dies, like the morning mist,  which comes in the darkness of night, departs at first light, life that comes in spring like a dream, leaves like a morning cloud,  and then is nowhere to be found.

    Tea party at home

    Livy Leung

    HKD 15,000

    Somber Nights

    Fatina Kong

    Dawn light

    Fatina Kong

    Sun Dazzle

    Fatina Kong

    Smog, Moss

    Fatina Kong

    Before Night Falls

    Fatina Kong


    HKD 18,000

    My St Juan of Joy

    HKD 22,000

    Half Moon

    Liang Manqi

    HKD 54,000

    Parallel World 2

    Liang Manqi

    HKD 92,000