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    Wong Mei Yin, Hazel's works include paintings and independent publications, focusing on exploring her fantasies and feelings about living in a modern metropolis. She seeks out ordinary yet unforgettable moments in life and narrates them as stories or sequences of events.  


    She founded otto in 2017, publishing zines and printed matters. Her works have been featured in art exhibitions and art book fairs in Hong Kong and overseas.  


    Hazel Wong Mei Yin


    Hazel Wong Mei Yin

    Peter wants to be a tree I

    Hazel Wong Mei Yin

    HKD 16,000

    Peter wants to be a tree II

    Hazel Wong Mei Yin

    Unstoppable Dandelions

    Hazel Wong Mei Yin

    HKD 14,500


    Hazel Wong Mei Yin

    HKD 13,500


    Hazel Wong Mei Yin

    HKD 7,500

    Hazel Wong was born and raised in Hong Kong. She currently lives in Sapporo, Japan. She graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU in 2015.  

    Summer Interlude 2022

    Summer Interlude