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    Kwong Man Chun’s surreal paintings attempt to confuse the viewers’ perspective by mixing sceneries and people from the past with modern settings, creating an ambiguous and nostalgic yet playful atmosphere on his canvases. In his oil painting Hang Cen Ling and Tenement House - the Ming fiery sunset, the artist superimposes his former residence in Huang Cen Ling, China with his present home at a tenement house in Hong Kong, with the greenery of Huang Cen Ling blending seamlessly with the interior settings of the tenement house. Kwong’s creative process serves as a ritual for his gratitude towards his root, with each element in the painting echoing with one another and encapsulating the artist’s sentimentality and nostalgic reflections. 

    The Square Lake

    Kwong Man Chun

    HKD 25,000

    Kwong holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts from the Hong Kong Baptist University. He has participated in exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, Australia and USA since 2013.