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    Hector Chan’s “The Scenes” is a series of paintings that represents the recollection of images and rediscovers the desire of seeing by capturing iconic scenes from movie classics. His paintings are fluid-like cinematic scenes that excites the viewer’s eye with expressive brushstrokes and coloursChan dedicates his artistic practice to the search in new ways in adapting paintings to an image-flooding era. Choosing to paint on pleather, he sets his heart on fluent mark making with less friction when compared to the surfaces of traditional medium like canvases or wood, and as a result, a wider spectrum of gesture can be formed. In his If Van Gogh series, Chan invents a little piece of art history relating to the popular painter Vincent van Gogh with a strong sense of humour and playfulness. For instance, in the work “Kam (1895)”, Chan paints the portrait of the female lead character from the Hong Kong movie Golden Chicken to suggest if a tragedy could have been altered by raising the question “what if Van Gogh met and fell in love with a different prostitute?” 

    Kam (1895)

    Hector Chan

    HKD 16,000

    Hector Chan (b. 1991, Hong Kong) obtained a BA in Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015 and MA in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London (UAL) in 2018. He went onto exchange at the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna in 2014, and has exhibited in Hong Kong and London. Chan also works as an art and cultural educator, and was special lecturer at the Chelsea College of Arts.  


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