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    Master of Arts in Fine Art of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Bachelor of Art in Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  He started his art creation (Blueprint) since 1996.  Media of creation includes: watercolor, ink drawing, drawing, sculpture, mural painting, mixed media, installation and writing, etc. He was selected for Special Industrial Design Project in 2001 and his “Blueprint – White” received 2nd runner-up for Nokia Arts Awards Asia Pacific Visions of Your Future in 1999. 


    He is the founder of Blueprint Studio and is teaching fine art at the School of Continuing and Professional studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since 2000, I have started to develop a series of BLUEPRINT artwork. The concepts of the creation were about dispersion and combination, individuals and groups and also the city and the nature. The process of creation was from small individual, deconstruction and reconstruction; complete artwork composed of numerous individuals. “The creation of one artwork for a lifetime” is to find a way of connection, and different world become ONE.  This is the process of idealizing the world and building up a utopia – a picture of oneself and the world 


    Thought makes the world a picture. This is a picture, which is describable and controllable. This is a process of rationalizing the world and pursuing the pleasure of grasping the world. 


    Blueprint, the creation of one artwork for a lifetime.   

    To be “One” is to find a way of connection.   

    In the wilderness, let go of Blueprint, wandering around equalized lines of ups and downs.  Return, await and insist. 

    2020 02 03 HK

    Cheung Ho Keung, Edward

    2020 06 08 HK 22.303522, 114.180368

    Cheung Ho Keung, Edward

    Cheung Ho Keung, Edward (b.1975, Hong Kong) graduated from Bachelor of Arts in Design (Combined Studies) in 2001 from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Master of Arts in Fine Arts in 2016 from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, France and Singapore. He also works as a part-time instructor at CUSCS from 2012 and part-time lecturer in the Department of Fine Arts, CUHK from 2021. His work was selected for Special Industrial Design Project in 2001 and “Blueprint – White” received 2nd runner-up for Nokia Arts Awards Asia Pacific Visions of Your Future in 1999. 

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