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    AU Hoi Lam focuses on drawing and painting; besides, she is fond of exploring mixed media and installation art through the perspectives and languages of painting. Her work is minimal and subtle, always embodying with hermetic symbols and codes, thereby intermittently revealing an undercurrent of paradoxes. Through artistic creations, AU ruminates over her life experiences. The subjects of her metaphorical and autobiographical work come from trivial but profound minute details of everyday life. AU regards her art objects existing in ways of ‘the Care of the Self’: memorandum, keepsake, symbol, relief, pastime, tranquilliser, vigilance, prayer and contemplative medium, etc. 

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    Au Hoi Lam

    Little Understanding

    Au Hoi Lam

    HKD 210,000

    AU has been awarded Alexandre Yersin Excellence Scholarship (Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau, 2001), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards – Award for Young Artist (Visual Arts) (Hong Kong Arts Development Council, 2013) and New York Fellowship (Asian Cultural Council, 2019). Her works are collected by Hong Kong Museum of Art and M+ Museum. 

    Future of the Past

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