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    Tang Kwong San is the recipient of Fresh Trend 2019 Art Gradates Joint Exhibition Contemporary by Angela Li Award. The award-winning work is a diptych graphite drawing titled Bedroom. This monochromatic work encases a tense atmosphere of melancholy; the scene of a bedroom is almost like artificially constructed, objects depicted freeze in time and transform in meaning. Bedroom is a journey to San’s inner world, reflecting his longing of connectedness and bondedness with the family. Alongside the diptych drawing are San’s oil paintings and installation, where the artist focuses on exploring the intersections of cultural identity and the systematization of social experience.

    Tang Kwong San holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, co-presented by The Royal Melbourne Institute of technology University Australia and Hong Kong Art School. He has earned other outstanding awards, among others, Mr. Jerry Kwan Memorial Scholarship (2018/2019), Hidden Space Award (2018/2019), Hong Kong Art School Higher Diploma in Painting Best Artwork (Painting) (2016), the HKSAR Education Bureau Outstanding Performance Scholarship (2015/2016), and the Hong Kong Designers Association Designer Student of the Year (2014).