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    Zheng Yiqiang examines the spontaneous and often overlooked details in life, but his works are not just expressions of spontaneity; there is complex reasoning behind the structuring of his works, which rejects conventional expectations by rearranging elements on the canvases. Zheng’s paintings, the results of deep and intricate thoughts, are thought-provoking. They serve as a new and unrestricted platform which exceeds spatial limits, and in turn providing viewers with curious visual experiences from which they are encouraged to form their own interpretations.

    Zheng Yiqiang describes his source of artistic inspiration as thus: ‘I gather and juxtapose everyday observations and their deviations from objectivity. I try to bring real objects into my work, and investigate the discrepancy embedded within the symbolism of each object.’ Zheng divides his canvas into two halves to encourage critical thinking, thus withdrawing his presence. His works are deprived of ‘guidelines’ on how they should be read, which urges viewers to steer away from their customary ways of thinking and embrace the endless possibilities of interpretations.

    Zheng Yiqiang was born in 1978 in Fujian, China. He graduated from the department of fine art of Fujian Normal University in 2001, and obtained a postgraduate degree from the oil painting department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2007. Zheng has held a number of solo exhibitions across China. He also participated in various group exhibitions in Wenzhou Epoch Art Museum, Beijing Zhuzhong Museum and Chongqing Art Museum. He currently lives and works in Beijing.