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    Eugene Lemay’s elegiac artworks originate from his service as sergeant in the 1982 Lebanon War. His signature creations, typically produced as large-scale inkjet prints on canvas, present dark abstractions of landscapes, sky, or encrypted text from unsent letters written by his fellow soldiers and offer a profound meditation on loss, life, and war. 


    “The works of Eugene Lemay present viewers with a string of somber visual riddles,” says American art critic Richard Vine. In fact, we all have our own answers to Lemay’s riddles, because we all, at one point or another, must have felt what Lemay felt—anxiety, uncertainty, shock, and much more—even if we have not had the same night-navigating experience like he did before.

    Born in 1960 in Michigan, USA, Eugene Lemay emigrated to Israel as a teenager and served in the army. In 1984, he returned to the USA. He is currently the director of Mana Contemporary, an art and cultural centre in New JerseyUSA. He has exhibited extensively throughout the USA, Europe and Israel. 

    Art Central 2015