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    Li Zhanyang is a storyteller. He observes decisive moments in everyday occurrences and invites viewers on voyeuristic tales of societal behaviour by recreating the scenes through sculpture. His works are a result of his “reading life”, of soaking up the lively and theatrical detail around his neighbourhood and bringing forward the conflicts and complexity of community, society, and fundamental traits of human nature.

    Famous for his ability to capture expressions and demonstrate them in his works, Li Zhanyang’s artwork grasps the sexual and lustful energy in the room, and exposes in ‘harsh neon light’ a world usually shrouded in mystery. The stories of thieves and prostitutes, cops and drunks are both quirky and humorous, serving as a caricature of the ironically harmonious community in which they live. Li Zhanyang is thus not simply an infinitively creative artist, but also an interpreter and messenger of the crude yet fascinating human society.

    Born in the Jilin province of China in 1969, Li Zhanyang received education at the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Art in Shenyang, Sichuan Academy of Fine Art in Chongqing and the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing. Li made his first appearance in international exhibitions in 2005 and since then has held over 30 exhibitions worldwide.