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    Trained in Western printmaking in Canada, Ann Hoi was frail and prone to illness as a child. Now, fragility is the core of her artistic creations, which take the form of paper sculptures. Through long consideration and painstaking folding, this light material takes on the substantive feel of carved stone. In early works depicting a young girl’s body penetrated by cigarette butts, she broke through inner and outer space to reach a balance of the “Dao.” In her latest work, Untitled, the surface takes on a pixelated effect, calling to mind the last day of Asia Television, or the last moment of a person or thing. This is perhaps the best expression of the Asian concept of “form is emptiness” in Western and contemporary mediums, and for this reason, her work has been widely exhibited and well-received in Europe and America.

    Ann Hoi (b.1985 in Macau, China) moved to Canada in 2001 and obtained her Bachelor Degree from the Printmaking Department of Ontario College of Art and Design University. Hoi previous exhibitions include: “Trace Element – Significance Macau Contemporary Art Now” (Shanghai, China, 2016), “Art Beijing” (Beijing, China, 2016), “VIVA (Febre)” (Lisbon, Portugal, 2014).