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    Livy Leung uses scattered and unobtrusive elements and the stress she experiences in her daily life as the subjects in her paintings to construct a world between fantasy and reality. She recomposes her thoughts towards different incidents happening around her and amplifies her imaginary world as a form of expression and self-indulgence within her own creative process.

    Tea party at home

    Livy Leung

    HKD 15,000

    When the sun came close

    Livy Leung

    HKD 26,000

    Leung Hoi Nga Livy was born in Hong Kong in 1996. She graduated with the Degree of Bachelor of Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. She was awarded AVA Keeper of Studies Collection Award by AVA, HKBU, Contemporary by Angela Li Award and Winsor & Newton Award in Fresh Trend 2018 Art Graduates Joint Exhibition.

    Summer Interlude 2022

    Summer Interlude


    Parallel Fantasies

    Group Exhibition


    Summer Interlude 2020

    Group Exhibition



    Group Exhibition