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    Chen Wenling’s artworks are lively and complex. Though peculiar, his recognisable sculptures possess a strong personal statement. Chen has said that his true emotions are the root to his artistic creation; the expression of personal sentiments towards society and life is what gives his sculptures the power to move and inspire audiences.

    Chen’s sculptures are characterised by a sense of philistine aesthetics. He creates his famous red boys with exaggerated facial and body expression, suggesting an idea of self-centred people in a state of extreme emotion. The outsized figures of these red naked boys at play express egotism in crisis. Through fear, joy, play and imagination, Chen attempts to incorporate a strong element of the self. Recent works involve animals as a metaphor for adults and vices in the modern society. The self-representative language embedded in his artworks can be read in the context of social issues, where it becomes a satire on optimism and complacency. Naked to their soul, the sculptures act as a connection between man and nature, and to illustrate a dialogue between human being and society.

    Born in the Fujian Province of China in 1969, Chen Wenling graduated from the Xiamen Academy of Art and Design in 1991, and completed his study in the Sculpture Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Today Chen is internationally recognized as one of the top ten Chinese contemporary sculptors in the art industry. He has previously participated in major exhibitions including: “The 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art” (Russia, 2015), “China 8 – China Contemporary Art Exhibition” (Germany, 2015), “The 11th Sculpture by the Sea” (Australia, 2015), “The 55th Venice Biennale” (Venice, Italy, 2013) and “The Suspense – Sculptures By Chen Wenling” (Today’s Art Museum, China, 2010). His works have been collected by numerous museums such as China Art Museum, Beijing Today Art Museum, National Gallery of Korea, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Denver Art Museum, Arox Art Museum. His work has also been exhibited in a number of prestigious exhibitions such as Art Basel in Switzerland and the Shanghai Biennale. Currently he works and lives in Beijing as a professional artist.