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    Du Yuqing goes beyond a realistic and meticulous style to create his work. To him, over emphasizing on skills and direction constrains creativity. He fuses unexpected and bizarre elements onto canvas as a way to observe their dynamism of mutual existence in time and space. The mass and spontaneous production of his artworks has given him an opportunity to refine his ideas and affirm his creative direction. 

    Within the fragmented scenes in his artworks, Du Yuqing creates disjointed time, virtual space, juxtaposition of psychology and reality, and an attempt to grasp the true existence of a moment. Du often depicts a spectacle figure as a case protagonist within a self-made time and space, using self-supposed elements to deduce a reality. The relationship between the spatiotemporal setting and the figure is then defined according to the individual experience of the viewer, into a unique process of life as an elaborate, compelling stage arrangement, with the people and things within carrying out secret tasks which define the artist’s exploration on the meaning of existence. The brilliant staging techniques used as thus create a series of semantic codes that are at once unfamiliar and enticing.

    Du Yuqing was born in Liaoning Province, China in 1982. He obtained a BFA in 2006 and later an MFA in 2009 from the Oil Painting Department of the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang, China. He currently lives and works in Beijing.