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    Wu Didi draws the subject matter of her paintings from the simplest elements of nature, such as vines, bamboo, stones, insects and weed. She gives each of her subjects a new life and unique identity. The paintings serve as the artist’s poetic study to examine spirituality in humanity as well as her own meditative process during the long creative process.

    Wu Didi (b.1976 in Chongqing, China) completed her postgraduate degree in oil painting at the Central Academy of Fine Art in 2004 and has been a lecturer at the Central Academy of Dramatic Art ever since. Her subject matters evolve from elements of traditional Chinese humanities.  The artist had held solo exhibitions in Beijing and New York, and her previous important exhibitions include Curitiba Biennale (Brazil, 2017), “South of The Mountains” (Florence, 2017), “CHINA NOW” (London, 2016), “Beyond the Mirror Phase” (Era of Art Museum, Beijing, 2016), “Wu Didi” (New York, 2015) and “Temperature of History” (Shanghai Museum of Art, China, 2015).  The artist currently lives and works in Beijing.