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    Reni Haymond uses ball pen as her medium to create unique and contrasting compositions by embedding different frequencies into the lines that she draws. Although ball pens have many limitations as a medium, such as the small colour range and rigid lines, and in particular the inflexibility and inability to allow for corrections. The artist, however, manages to master her use of this difficult medium to provide a new imaginative perspective. In doing so, the artist attempts to inject new possibilities to the ball pen and defy its obsolescence in this technological age.

    Reni Haymond, BSc (Hons) Degree holder of Multimedia and Entertainment Technology (Leeds Beckett University), is currently pursuing Masters Degree of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University. She was one of the top ten nominee of the Hong Kong Fine Art Prize in 2014. Her works have been shown in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Beijing. She currently lives and works in Hong Kong.