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    Performance artist Cang Xin is one of China’s most celebrated performance and multimedia artists. Cang Xin queries his sensual experience and self-identity while putting forward his own solution; deriving from the framework of ordinary life, his works share a common form embracing both presumption and spontaneity. This forms a thread connecting all four series of works. Presumption here refers to the fact that the Sites involved in Cang Xin’s works are mostly national landmarks or prominent architecture with clear implications. Within such context, the spontaneous “daily-life actions” sublimate to art and are freshly endowed a new spirit evincing the inner identity of the artist, thus illustrate the progression from “Action” to “Perception”.

    Cang Xin (b. 1967, Inner Mongolia, China) studied at the Tianjin Academy of Music and Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. He is one of the most important performance artists who lived in East Village – the artist village in Beijing in the 1990s. He has become an active artist and exhibition curator ever since. Through his works, Cang Xin focuses on using his body as a means to connect and build relationships with the nature and society. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in China, Hong Kong, Asia, Europe, Australia and beyond. He currently lives and works in Beijing.

    Spiritual Sensation

    Cang Xin Solo Exhibition


    An Inner Journey

    Group Exhibition