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    For more than 9 years, Peter Steinhauer called Hong Kong home. While many characterize the city as being impossibly fast-paced, money-oriented and concrete-smothered, Steinhauer’s passion compels him to visualize scenes of peacefulness and the underlying beauty of urban density. Walking through both narrow alleyways and open airs of the city, he looks for graphic elements within natural landscape, man-made structures as well as the organized chaos that make up our urban architecture. Hong Kong – Surface Unseen is a body of photographic work that exposes to us the many dimensions of Hong Kong that are within our sight, yet often go unnoticed and unseen.  


    Steinhauer’s previous experiences of taking black and white photographs in Vietnam, Bali and Burma, places that are considered mystic and spiritual, have enabled him to see Hong Kong in a different way.  

    Steinhauer lived in Asia for 20 years. His works have been exhibited extensively in Asia, Europe and the USA, and have been collected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburg, USA), Gibson Dunn Law Firm (Hong Kong, China), Kirkland Ellis Law Firm (Hong Kong, China), Barclays Asia (Singapore), Fidelity Worldwide Investments (Singapore), SG Global Development Firm (Singapore), the Meridian International Centre in Washington D.C. (USA), and numerous embassies worldwide, to name a few. With the Hong Kong Surface Unseen series, Steinhauer has received the IPA International Photography Awards in 2009. In 2014, he won seven Lucie International Photography Awards for his CocoonsAsian Markets and Singapore Number Blocks series. He was also the winner of the PDN Annual Photographic Award of Excellence (2012), the Black and White Spider Award of Excellence (2011, 2012 and 2013), and the PX3 Paris Photography Awards (2009). Steinhauer is currently based with his family in San Francisco, USA.