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    Contemporary by Angela Li is proud to participate in Fine Art Asia 2022 from 4th to 8th October, presenting a group exhibition at Booth #C2 showing the artworks of Cheung Tsz Hin, Fatina Kong, Kwong Man Chun, Leung Po Ying Agnes, Ng Chung, Wong Sze Wai and Angela Yuen, some of the artists will be present in the exhibition.  


    Cheung Tsz Hin (b. 1987, Hong Kong) obtained his Bachelor of Integrated BBA (minor in Fine Arts) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2010, and a Master of Fine Arts in Taiwan in 2014. Cheung has taken part in an artist residency programme held by Listhus SES in Iceland in 2018. His works has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Iceland, including spinelessly ploughing (Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong, 2022), the garden i still vaguely remember (UNSCHEDULED, Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong, 2021), Ólafsfjör›ur: Phase 2 (Sansiao Gallery, Hong Kong, 2019), Stundum (Listhus Artspace, Ólafsfjör›ur, Iceland , 2018), No Neverland (Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong, 2017), Art as Social Interaction—Hong Kong/ Taiwan Exchange (The Pier-2 Art Center, B7 Warehouse, Taiwan, 2015). He also held a solo exhibition, spinelessly ploughing at Contemporary by Angela Li previously. 


    Fatina Kong (b. 1992, China) graduated from the Academy of Visual Art, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, Kong’s creative renditions seeks to explore ways to integrate Chinese painting and Western media. In 2018, Kong travelled to Xining, China to further her painting techniques. She also participated in an artist residency program in Japan in the same year. Later, she realized technique of spaces composition and color used in Eastern painting are highly compatible with her temperament. Her artworks are mostly records of daily life and inspired by images, as well as interweaving synesthetic senses together to construct an imaginary landscape that fuses memories and fantasies. Using ink and mineral pigments as media, also with contrast between positive and negative spacesreferenced from Chinese painting, merging new media like resin and acrylic board, she fosters a special sense of aura of Chinese painting. Her works has been exhibited in Hong Kong, China and Japan etc.  


    Kwong Man Chun (b.1989, China) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013. Distilling his studies of Chinese aesthetics, Kwong Man Chun found his own artistic language that fuses various elements of perspective, ambience, mirroring and weather as his devices to examine metaphysical issues in his works. Kwong had also been to Hokkaido and Beijing to participate in artist in residency programmes. He is also active in participating in different art projects, including Art is on Cow Project (FilmAid Asia, Hong Kong, 2017), Art Bridge Project (Hotel Stage, Hong Kong, 2015). His works have also been featured in exhibitions held by various art institutions, including Dear Me, (Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong, 2022), 藝象萬千 - 渝港青年藝術交流展 (Chongqing Art Gallery, Chongqing, 2020), F.F.(Tenjinyama Art Studio, Sapporo, 2018), The Aerial Actor (Wave Farm, New York, 2018), 6 Hong Kong Artists(Niagara Gallery, Melbourne, 2018), Journey (Sagra Gallery, Melbourne, 2017) etc. In 2009, Kwong was also nominated in the second-round selection of Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Award. 



    Leung Po Ying, Agnes (b. 1997, Hong Kong) received a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree from the joint programmeby RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School in 2020. Leung’s artworks mostly focus on examining possibilities brought by collage and layers, expressing her multi-imagery spaces through peculiar creatures and strong colors. 


    Ng Chung (b.1963, China) obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Printmaking Department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1992 and migrated to Hong Kong after graduating. Ng taught as an Associate Professor at the School of Communication and Design at Sun Yat-sen University in 2006 and taught as a Visiting Professor at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2011. His works have been widely exhibited in Hong Kong, China, Taipei, Japan, and the Netherlands. His works are collected by China Museum of Art (Beijing, China), Guangzhou Museum of Art (Guangzhou, China), Shenzhen Art Museum (Shenzhen, China), Hong Kong Heritage Museum (Hong Kong, China), the United Airlines Inc., and the International Print Biennale of the Netherlands. 



    Wong Sze Wai (b. 1990, Hong Kong) was born in 1990 in Hong Kong. She graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor and a Master of Fine Arts. She traveled to Yunnan Shangri-La in 2016 for further training and took part in an artistic residency in Bulgaria in 2018. Wong’s artworks interrogate the relationship between memory and imagination. Her creations were inspired by ancient parchment palimpsests. By adopting techniques like multi-layering and repeated washout, she creates a sense of depth and shows traces of time passing. Regarding subject matter, Wong is particularly fascinated by decaying urban areas for their metaphorical representation of lost and concealed memories. Wong has participated in exhibitions in Hong Kong, Italy, Amsterdam, and Bulgaria, including the duo exhibition Invisible Border of Memories (Art Projects Gallery, Hong Kong, 2021), group exhibition Celebrating Our 40 Years, Friends of Art Museum, CUHK (Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery, Hong Kong, 2021), Feature of the Past (Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong, 2021), Shining Moment (TANG Art Foundation, Hong Kong, 2021), HKFOREWORD20 (10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong, 2020), Make art Not War [T/F] organized by MFA Graduates 2020 in CUHK (Osage, Hong Kong, 2020), Line In Motions – East meets West (CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, 2018),Word of Co. Open Studio Day (Място 167, Bulgaria), Elements -From Space to Space (Palazzo Ca’Zanardi, Italy, 2017), Amsterdam Art Exhibition of CUHK AAFAA 2015 (Dokzaal, Amsterdam, 2015).    


    Angela Yuen (b.1991, Hong Kong) showed her great interest towards Hong Kong locals and objects, Yuen collected vintage and iconic plastic ready-mades, stationery like plastic rulers, figures, hair curlers, toy soldiers, rubber ducks, capsule toys, toy tea sets, and plastic beads etc., creating intriguing 3-D figures. With the assistance of light projection, she brings forth Hong Kong’s magnificent skyline and cityscape in front of our eyes. Yuen (b. 1991, Hong Kong) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014. She had participated in a Beijing artist residency program in 2016 and the Hart Haus residency in Hong Kong in 2019 and is a finalist of the 2019 Sovereign Asian Art Prize. The Lost Time Travel Machine is Yuen’s first major solo exhibition, and her works have been included in many joint exhibitions, public and private collections in Hong Kong, China and Australia since 2013.  


    Ng Chung

    HKD 280,000

    The crowded room

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes

    Velvet island

    Cheung Tsz Hin

    Corn Soup

    Kwong Man Chun


    Wong Sze Wai

    A visit

    Kwong Man Chun


    Wong Sze Wai

    If I could fly

    Leung Po Ying, Agnes

    HKD 22,000

    new sun, new sun

    Cheung Tsz Hin

    The Dreamer I

    Angela Yuen

    The Dreamer II

    Angela Yuen